Let the beauty you love, be what you do. Rumi


I grew up in the English countryside.

As soon as I was able, I started travelling and exploring the wildlife and cultures of this world and haven’t and won’t stop.

My driving passion is to show people the beauty everywhere in this world .

Beauty to celebrate and the beauty and vital necessity and interconnectedness of the natural world and our duty to preserve and protect it.

I believe there is no separation between the Animal and Human kingdoms, we are all the same, If we can just see through our subjects eyes , we can tell their story, authentically and with respect .

Today we are able to capture cinema footage from the contents of a few cases anywhere on this planet .

Drones, buggies, cranes, sliders, gimbles, are all there to be called upon.

If a shot or sequence is imagined that we cannot yet capture then I am at my happiest designing and building a system that will enable us to .

That said one must never lose track of the story , the narrative is all and often we lose sight of this and can find ourselves drowning in shiny matt black equipment .

Sometimes we need to leave it all alone and just pick up a camera and a prime lens and stay pure to a story and capture a vital moment that would otherwise have been lost because the gimble wasn’t quite balanced .

The trick is to know when and where to use the amazing kit we now have and that comes from experience and having clarity of communication with the director, so as to be able to manifest their vision for them.

I love to be brought onto a project at the earliest stage to immerse and share and help to be part of the team that forms the style, look and feel of a programme or series, to be a part of something special that ultimately makes a difference.